Introducing Mimi (Vlog)

November 18, 2011

Short clip introducing Mimi and why she decided to join the site

Introducing Mimi, posted with vodpod

Mi Mi and B ( Video Coming Tonight )

November 17, 2011

This is me and my girl B, usually my partner in crime.  You can look forward to seeing alot more of us doing what we do.  Here are acouple more pics of me and my BFF Read the rest of this entry »

Alana’s First Videocast Coming This Thursday !!!

September 27, 2011

Please check me out this Thursday with my first Videocast. I got some good topics that I want to discuss and I Read the rest of this entry »

The Real Alana (More Pics Inside)!!!

September 20, 2011

Well I decided to post another pic, more pics to come this week.  Also expect my first Read the rest of this entry »

White Guy Slams Interracial Dating

September 15, 2011

This white guy just released a video slamming everything about IR dating with black men and white women. He pretty much confirmed everything I said about the way most white guys Read the rest of this entry »

Alana-Podcast4 Stereotypes

August 22, 2011

This week Im starting part one of a many part series discussing different stereotypes of black men. Iv also added pictures to correspond with the topics I address during the podcast. I am also rethinking about weather or not I should Read the rest of this entry »

Alana- Podcast3 Approaching White Women

August 12, 2011

Ok so we are already at my 3rd podcast and I feel Im getting better. Thanks for all you guys support and tips on making my podcast better. Read the rest of this entry »


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