Here is a list of celebrities who have dated interracially

Madonna– singer

Joss Stone – singer

Eliza Dushku– actress

Brooke Hogan– singer

Amanda Bynes– actress

Rosa Acosta-model



Nazanin Mandi-actress/model


Jen The Pen-Radio Personality

Khloe Kardashian– reality star/socialite

Kim Kardashian– reality star/socialite

Kendra Wilkinson– reality star

Jenna Shea– model/video vixen

Heidi Klum– super model

JoJo– singer

Yaris Sanchez– model

Katy Perry– singer

Ellen Pompeo– actress

Austin Taylor– adult film actress/model

Emma Waldron– Miss Ireland

Carmen Electra– actress

Natalie Raitano-actress/model/fitness instructor

Eva Longoria – actress

Amber Rose – model

Kreayshawn – rapper

Bristol Palin – poltics

Mariah Carey – singer

Evelyn Lozada – reality

Nicole Scherzinger – singer

Jennifer Lopez – entertainer

Elin Woods – wife

Ashley Logan – model

Gloria Velez – model

Somaya Reece – model

Julia Stiles – actress

Suzie Ketcham – reality

Vanessa Bryant – wife

Kylie Minogue – singer

Minka Kelly – actress

Chisty Teigen – model

Nicole Young – wife

Idina Manzel – actress/wife

Nicole Kidman – actress

Adrianna Lima – super model

Cassie – singer

Kimora lee Simmons-model/mogul

Jamie Lynn Sigler– actress

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    • Cags says:

      You left out Doutzen Kroes who is a Victoria Secret Model and one of the most beautiful women in the world

  1. Tonioj says:

    I would have liked to have seen who some of the were involved with interracially. Especially Brooke Hogan, I didn’t think she had it in her, no pun intended. Nor did I think hulk and Linda would go for it?

  2. victor says:


    I love dating outside my race just make sure to use a condom as african americans have a higher rate of HIV infections per a year (more than 8x)

    • Pat says:

      I thought you hated niggers…

    • shamill12 says:

      Why of all things you have to write something like that reguardless what race u are condoms should be use HIV comes in contact with all colors do you get that

      • Jamar Kuntakente says:

        Not only being promiscuous to the point of almost being animalistic, 50% of the black race in America has Herpes, 10% Syphilis, (check out billboards around Atlanta area) also their aids rate is through the roof. No self respecting white woman would ever, ever walk away from her race, to expose herself to the disease and maltreatment they typically receive from our darker simpler brethren. The brothers have the mainstream jewish media to thank for rooting out the ignorant white women to lacking in self esteem to know right from wrong. As common as the crap appears it is actually a ridiculousness low number of white women who would ever consider exposing themselves to such nastiness and usually they are obese drug addicts. If blacks didn’t instinctually know the hierarchy of races, then they would take pride in being with their own kind.

      • no such thing as “hierarchy of race” lol racist propaganda at its finest. I have a college degree and Im managing a well respect clothing chain store so I dont fall into your “white trash” that you seem to be alluding to. As evident by the election of our president, there are quite a few Americans who have no problem with darker skin people.

      • SweetMistyBlue525 says:

        Amen! HiV knows no color….

      • The Truth says:

        By a landslide Black people have the highest rate of aids, herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis, etc.

      • The Truth says:

        TobiasMerriweather shut the fuck up. You don’t know shit about statistics. Go to the Centers of Disease Control website and look up who has the highest rate of STDs ethnic wise… Yeah, that’s what I thought… STFU!

      • TobiasMerriweather says:

        Someone should really do an intervention on ole’ Jamar. Shit! What was the (true) purpose of his or “it’s” rambledom other than to bring about the fact that it was a strong candidate for self-neutering? Idiots should “never ever” bring children into this world. You/they’ll only bring forth dumber offspring. Jamar or whatever your real name is or was, you seriously need to take a class in basic arithmetic, and because it was clear you have or had no idea of all things math. The rest of your made up poop was comical beyond all reasoning. The funniest thing about your comment was the fact you found this particular website. How many Bing Googles did it take before you landed on this page? The question is what the shite happened in your *ahem* real time life which led you to typing on this site in the first place? Going to chalk your rant up to yet another shtick drek who is lonely. “Oh so lonely.” PS, for those lazy folks, shtick drek is Yiddish for POS. Orrrrrr Piece of shite… You’re welcome!

    • vanity says:

      Use a condom with anybody,black,white or spanish you dumb fuck. Race has nothing to do with HIV. Saying something so racist shows how much of an dumb fuck you are

      • cbolt12 says:

        That must mean blacks don’t know how to use one then.

      • well said vanity…its seems like the only weapon racist whites have in their arsonal is the words monkey,nigger,and aids as if no whites have aids…but i let them have that because what else could they do its not like they can fight so there…im cuban by the way!

      • Brandon says:

        I bet when you said Spanish, you meant Latino or “Hispanic” huh? Ignorant clown Americans. You make me embarassed to be American and Spanish. Spaniards are white you freaking dumbasses. We’re not the same as Latinos or third world Indians that just happen to speak Spanish. Also, everything others have said about black men are true. So go ahead and play rush and roulette. Just please stay with them because we don’t want you back. I could never love a dumb liberal white whore after she let some black man treat her as a sex puppet. Do what you want, just please do not bring it into our lives. That’s all we ask. Oh and by the way, who cares if we are racists? So are Black people. Btw, did you know Americans are some of the least racists people in the world? Welcome to reality. Also you are clearly the only dumb fuck here.

      • john says:

        Some of you white gu
        ys are HATERS white girls loves us our Dicks are bigger

      • Aiden says:

        Every race (males and females of all ages who are having sex) should wear a condom at all times. AIDS or HIV doesn’t discriminate. Plain and simple.

      • it has everything to do with race. 75% of black men carry some type of STD. And if that doesnt thrill you, 82% of all mixed and black children are raised without their father because black men are ALL deadbeats

      • lol where do you get your stats from kkk.org? lmao

      • Justin Igger says:

        Race has plenty to do with HIV, same with sickle cell, and homicide. Black men have the highest rate of HIV infection. Check the CDC and pull your head out.

      • beatty says:

        all you dumb anemic sickle cell niggers shut up

  3. Brian says:

    Keep in mind that Amber Rose, Cassie, and Mariah Carey are all black; but shouldn’t this site not be about race. I’m just saying its kind of offensive. Why can’t you incorporate black women as well and make a interracial site for them also.

  4. orlando says:

    i love this site! good job! theres not to many good sites out there for black men and white women.

    • Gazebo says:

      Cause theres not that many white women creating the market for it. Black men make up what. 5 to 8 percent of population. Minus half that are in jail. White women maybe 25 to 30 percent of population. Even with Black men scraping the bottom of the ww barrel like so many do, there Wouldn’t be enough ww willing to do it for half the Black male population to have a white girl. Yall niggas really need to get off this white girls love black men shit. They dont. Google ok cupid dating and race.

  5. Bryan says:

    April Dowling from big brother should be up there. she was with ollie who is black they were having sex all over that house.

  6. Joe McIntire says:

    Mariah Carey is not black she is mixed, actually more white than black, but you ignoramuses keep invoking the so called 1% rule, a rule or law by the way created by racist southern slave owners so they could deny any connection to any offspring they sired. But it seems black people love to embrace this rule even though it is actually an insult to blacks even though you’re to ignorant to realize it.

  7. JJ says:

    Wow… These include Hollywood’s sluts.

  8. whiteboy says:

    your site is so beautiful, its so important that americans see how many of their celebrities date Black…america got it all wrong when they tried to keep Black Men and white women apart…its beautiful to watch what happens when the barriers come down…

    • alan says:

      You are white as my car tires. No figure nigger in disguise

    • SweetMistyBlue525 says:

      Look I don’t feel that the race of a person should dictate who you can date or not. We are all God children and no where is the bible does it say you can only date your own race. Everyone is able to date whoever they want to. Love has no color when it comes to the heart. You have beautiful men and women of all colors in this world. I personally love seeing mix couples. And as far as HIV goes, every race is dealing with that as well as other STD’s. Wrap it up men and women look out for yourselves and make him wrap it up. I remember hearing this story on Oprah where this Hispanic man knew he had AIDS, but never told any of the women and gave many (most of them white up class women) AIDS from the 70’s until the late 80’s. Thank God he is in prison forever now.

  9. JJ says:

    Ok I’m sure this is the owner of this site who keeps pretending to be other folks just so she can have many comments….. And if this really is a “whiteboy”, any white folk just be ashamed of supporting such mud race…

  10. JJ says:

    “I don’t have no time”… You mean “I don’t have time”. Quit talking like some slangy uneducated black folk. It does show that you only hang out with darkies.

    • Mark says:

      You are an idiot ,he said ,if you could read you would see he said”i don’t have time”,,way to prove you are insignificant to any and everything.

    • john says:

      The grandwizord of KKK worry that the white race will be exstinct those Whitegirls hate their dads for ducking them this they way of getting back Lol

    • Aiden says:

      You are a racist ignorant idiot with nothing educational to even say. You are just another stupid person in this world with nothing but hate, racism and ignorance comments that has no meaning. I can’t stand people like you would come on social media and spread all your ignorant hatred. Oh, of course we can’t see who are you are so we can’t avoid someone like you in this world.

      • Justin Igger says:

        You are the racist Aiden, for thinking white women make good targets for sexual abuse by black men, which are nothing more than antiquated farm equipment. racism isn’t about hatred, it’s about love for ones own kind. Ironic how you use social media to voice your hatred against people using social media to voice their hated. Hypocrite douche nozzle.

      • **** says:

        Ure only lucky enough not to have turned out black…dunno whom ud really have held to ransom..God or your innocent parents..believe me dude ure not thinking straight

  11. Hate ignorant people says:

    JJ, the mere fact that you take time and energy to use offensive words such as “darkies” and “mud race” explains a lot about yourself, primarily what you lack in education. Nonetheless, this is America, a country with certain freedoms to express your own opinion; however, the one thing you seem to have a lot of is ignorance. With that said, if you don’t like the topic, then don’t click the link to this page. What you SHOULD click on is something that might actually enhance your IQ, dictionary.com. Actually, they sell those in that flea market next to your double wide, right? Clearly, your choice of words are on par with that of a 6 yr old.

    • JJ says:

      What are you, a nigger or some nigger lover of another race?

      • tony says:

        Further evidence of a limited intellect, possibly due to vast amounts of inbreeding.

      • Aiden says:

        @JJ – Still spreading your ignorant and calling black american racist names I see. WHAT A LOSER YOU ARE. A BIG LOSER AT THAT.

      • Rick Kilgore says:

        I’m not racist by far in fact my cousins had mixed children, but in 1999 my sister was dating a blk guy. she didn’t call my mother for 2 months and come to find out he killed her and dumped her body in a secluded area. He only got 25 yrs for the murder. I lost my only sister who was 23 at the time. I still don’t let one blk person who did this hideous crime dictate that their all bad ppl cause their not. You have good n bad in all races. I’m raising their beautiful daughter who is mixed and is very smart at 16 yrs old. I’m just telling my story to say there’s good in all races just like there’s evil in all races. And remember Jesus loves the little children all the children of the world. Black, yellow, red and white. We are precious in his sight. Ty for letting me share my story and God bless. Plz stop racism.

  12. Jan says:

    Come on, with all due respect…Where did you get this rubbish from? Julia Stiles is just one of the girls that for sure never dated a black man. I don’t know where you get these ‘facts’ from. I wish I had the time to prove all of these celebrities. And since you are going more for white females then I wouldn’t include Eva Longoria, Mariah Carey and all the other non-white girls

  13. Kj says:

    I appreciate this site n these photos.

    However I don’t understand why there is Black women among them.

    Cassie: is a mixture of a lot, however African American is one of them.


  14. Kj says:

    I appreciate this site n these photos.

    However I don’t understand why there is Black women among them.

    Cassie: is a mixture of a lot, however African American is one of them.

    Somaya Reece: is Salvadorian, however nationality dosent make a race. Most of the population in Latin America is Black. Peru and Coloumbia are perfect examples.

    Evelyn Lozada: you might as well just say Halle Berry.

    Pls understand I’m not knocking. It’s just that to me more of an impact would to see straight non black or black mix being with black or black mix.
    The above mentioned are black and black mixed dealing with black men.

    • Jan says:

      Well said. And I still did not get an answer regarding Julia Stiles. She never dated a black dude, and that’s a fact. Apparently however is administering this site just wanted to fill up empty spaces with made up stories

      • julia stiles is synonymous for her role in Save the Last Dance, in which she played the love interest of an inner city dark skin guy. She also played the love interest of Mekhi Phifer in the movie O, which included an intense love making scene. I may not be able to point to the exact black guy she has dated, but no actress would take on these interracial roles if they were not ok with it in their personal lives. Sorry i didnt get to your question sooner but thanks for viewing my site

      • Jan says:

        Well I must tell you that you are wrong again. You have to differ between personal life and the life as an actress. Have you ever seen How I met your Mother? Barney Stinson plays the role of the guy who gets all the girls and who absolutely loves chicks. And you know what? He is a homo in real life! So what does that say? There is no proof that Julia Stiles would ever date a black guy except in a role of a film

      • im guessing Julia is your favorite actress but you need to face reality. How many mainstream actresses take on interracial roles let alone interracial roles with love making scenes. You dont do this unless you are comfortable with this in your personal life because of the taboo associated with it. You and your response are perfect example as to why they dont do it.

      • Clint says:

        Look at her who’s dating who site don’t see anything.

  15. Jan says:

    Well it is obvious that you are very biased in this regard. There is no proof of dating a black guy. If you are taking in consideration any girl who made out with a black guy then you have to mention all the pornstars as well. Well, actually there is one pornstar that really likes black guys. Tori Black is in relationship with a black guy and also has a baby from him. However I suggest you remove people that did not start anything with a black guy in their personal lives. I also wonder who Katy Perry dated…

    • Sir you are lost and have no clue what you are talking about. Any porn star that will do an interracial scene definitely dates black men in their personal life. I actual had an interview secured with one of the biggest, Sarah Jay, if it wasnt for my stupid day job you would have heard str8 from her. PS Katy Perry dated Travis McCoy

      • Random Guy says:

        I must commend you IDBG website administrator for putting up with this idiot in the comments section for as long as you did. If it was my site, he would have gotten one response from me on the Julia Stiles shit and that would be it. Plus I was curious about Julia Stiles place on the list anyway, so you killed to birds with one stone. Cheers. Dude knows who Tori Black is but not Sara Jay, what is he like 16?

      • Justin Igger says:

        White porn actresses get paid a lot more money than black porn actresses, as do white prostitutes also get paid more than their black counterparts. White strippers earn a hell of a lot more money than black strippers. All because white women are much prettier than black women. White porn actresses get paid a lot higher fee to do scenes with niggers. The reason why…because niggers are so ugly, that it’s like anal, they get paid more for anal scenes and for interracial scenes because both are more unpleasant for the actress. A white porn star who has a strong stomach can make a lot more money fucking niggers on camera. Also its a popular fetish to see something so beautiful being fucked by something so ugly, kind of like really young girls being fucked by old men. Same disgusting dynamic when white women get fucked by black men. Some wires got crossed in your brain, maybe you got dropped on your head as a little girl. Now you think black is more beautiful than white. Actually, you know black women are ugly compared to your whiteness, but you don’t seem to mind the ugliness of black men’s faces, so long as their bodies are hard so you can rub yourself off on them. You think you are so enlightened, and culturally open minded, but really you are just a simpleton attracted to the stark contract between a beautiful feminine white woman and a brutish beastly black man. Kind of like some fish are attracted to shiny objects. Blacks are tough and strong, which are desirable traits in a man, but not so in a woman. Whites are soft and beautiful, which isn’t so good if you are a man, but great if you are a woman. It’s because of the different patterns of natural selection that drove their evolution in the different parts of the world where they evolved. So what, now you want to use that to your advantage. A white man who works out and is in good shape probably wouldn’t give you a second look, as he can get other white females who look better than you. The only way for you to get a hard man is to settle for a black man, so psychologically you have convinced yourself that black men are better. Yet you call people racist because they think black men are inferior. You are just as racist for thinking black men are superior. Even more racist because you are hating men of your own race, which is just sad, pathetic, and weak. Go ahead and fuck every black man you come in contact with, just because they are black (you racist sellout slut). Black men on welfare with no jobs who work out all day and have hard bodies are easy to find. But remember, that rare white man who works out and is physically fit will always get more white pussy and better white pussy than even the richest niggers.

    • TobiasMerriweather says:

      There are a number of white porn stars past and present who are in interracial relationships. Not going to list them because uncle Google should be able to help you out. Yes, Tori Black is married to a black guy but the list yet again could easily go on and on. Now for Justin, you read like an overweight lonely dude. It was obvious you have a thing for pornography which is your thing however the rest of your rant resembled an angry kid that no one wanted to play with. What do you do? Go bull in China store knocking over any and everything in your wake. Oh and the NWORD? Yeah no one cares or cared but you…

  16. Jan says:

    Of course some of them might, like I did mention Tori Black who is a relatively new pornstar. She just had a baby with a black guy. On the other hand I don’t know who Sarah Jay is, she looked pretty old and ugly when I looked her up

  17. Tommy says:

    I only date white women! They are the best, all races should want to date white women! They are smart, sexy, and pretty. I love my white women. The way I see it, there are enough to go around!

    However, mixing of cultures always doesn’t come up roses for many reasons. Take for example the poster children for interracial relationships–Seal and Klum, or Elin and Tiger. There are just many differences that work against successful long term interracial relationships. I say everybody should give it a shot, but, be wary, the statistics work against you with regards to long term success (this is advice for all parties involved). Hopefully this comment makes you try harder, communication and a common faith is key to all relationships. For those wondering, I am a white guy.

  18. gene says:

    i wil bet alot more celebrity white women want to date or sleep with black men but they don’t because they wil not get hired anymore in hollywood .if things were more open would valerie bertinelli dated or married a black man wonder if catherine bach has ever thought of dating a black guy i heard somewhere jenifer aniston had dated a black man that would be sweet if jen did. wonder if melissa joan hart sarah michelle galler or christina applegate would or has ever thought of dating black men i will just bet these celebrity white women have thought about it alone with a host of other celebrity white women but would not addmit it if they have had thoughts of interracial dating with black men they know they would not be on top anymore they would be on the bottom

    • Justin Igger says:

      I think more likely white women have nightmares about being raped by ugly niggers. In fact, they probably have nightmares about even having to look at ugly nigger faces.

      • **** says:

        Really?????,never heard of that!!!

      • ThatGuy says:

        Justin Justin Justin. Always with the NWORD. Here’s a tidbit to possibly help you and your ilk around. Nameless faceless shtick dreks typing poop type NWORD things don’t infuriate most people. Reason being is anyone can type what they like without fear of reprisal. The fact that you frequent this site as well as others (if you catch the drift) while posting the very same thing is quite telling.

  19. Clint says:

    So I guess it’s any celeb that dated a black guy not just white girl, huh?

  20. Clint says:

    If I was a black guy I’d date nothing but white women unless the black women around where I live look like the beautiful black celebs, they’d want white women keep themselves looking beautiful and want to see if the myth of your penis is true and the white women basically worship you especially the ones that go black.

  21. Clint says:

    You forgot bristol’s mom Sarah, like mother like daughter.

  22. Clint says:

    For the above post that said there’s more white celebs that would date a black guy but are worried about their career for one it’s 2012 not 1960s if Nicole Kidman and the actress that’s on grey’s anatomy can and their careers aren’t ruined. Second only 5 percent of white women according to a studies I’ve read so in Hollywood it’s probably around that number, not every white women is attracted to black men in that way.

    • DCLee says:

      Agree with Clint and Jennifer Aniston dated for the record, Adam Duritz of Counting Crows so technically she has dated out of race. I’ve never understood why race or sex comes into the equation at all. You should find the person that makes you happy and who you make happy and be happy. Life is to short. And as a videographer visually looking at things, I’ve always thought women that have dark tans like Aniston or a Brooke Hogan look like a much sexier couple with someone else dark skinned or Black. In fact it looks much more natural IMHO than when you have a fair skinned white guy or girl dating a tanned or dark skinned guy or girl. To me Ellen Pompeo or Jennifer Aniston’s relationship visually looks like odd couples because Pompeo and Theroux are so white and Pompeo’s husband and Aniston are dark but as long as they are both happy then kudos to them! I love to see Jennifer Aniston date someone like Shemar Moore. That would be one photographically hot looking couple.

      • Clint says:

        I’m sorry but I don’t count the guy from counting crows, now if either dated a real black man I would, btw if Jennifer anniston dated shemar Moore that would be so hot, just thinking about those two makes me hot, I’d like to see two top celebrities black male and white female in their prime date.

  23. gene says:

    i wil bet that jennifer aniston has dated some black guy or guys she just does not want anyone to know p.s clint is right that would be very sexy to see jenniffer aniston kissing a black guy plus more

  24. gene says:

    to know catherine bach is dating a black guy now that is just too sweet

  25. gene says:

    i wil also bet alot of people did not know the star of three company joyce dewitt was screwing a black guy for more then a year from the movie roots in the late 1970’s now that is sexy

  26. JJ says:

    when a white dates a nigger it makes her a white trash whore

    • I know you are just trolling but why is that. Black men are viable humans beings too.

    • RH says:

      JJ did a black guy take your white girlfriend from you and that is why you are so mad and angry? Would you ALLOW a black person to rescue you from a burning car or building? For you to consider us “niggers” and you yourself the superior race just show how stupid you really are. As a member of a superior race you sure act so dumb and stupid. A true moron indeed. And by the way, this “nigger” has only a high school diploma but is light years ahead of you.

      • olduniform says:

        dontfeedmydog – You lost me after typing your rather than you’re. Guessing that “you’re” one of “those gobshites” who doesn’t know the difference between to, too, there, their or they’re. Not to mention > desert, dessert, lose, loose and a whole gamut of other should have learned in 2nd grade “whatevers.” Oh and I’m (was) sensin’ you’re a bit of a b*tch. Yes that was lifted from Zombieland. Funny how some of you dumb dumbs post poop on websites just as this and can only imagine what sort of disarray your life is in. Sort it out…

    • Toni says:

      Jo you are a racists idiot…..die please….please…lol

    • Oil Can James says:

      There are some white niggers also

  27. JJ says:

    I don’t know what could be sexy in that. Might as well live in the fuckin’ jungle

  28. Clint says:

    If you’re that uncomfortable with interracial dating why are you on this site? It’s not like you “accidently” stumbled onto this site JJ, i mean the site is called I’m dating a black guy for a reason.

  29. Paul says:

    JJ you are not an actual white racist, are you? You are just a guy who’s trying to keep things stirred up on this site. However if you are a white racist male, you are a very sad individual. Who cares whom someone else if having sex with. Here is a nice visual for you my racist friend, my white girlfriend loves giving it up to me anytime any where. Kids here in the hip hop generation may tell you to step your game up, I would tell you to gain some confidence, maybe you then would not worry as much about other people’s affairs. [ps, Im a black man..I do not have AIDS…if you believe a white man cannot give you a sexually transmitted infection, you are sadly misstakened.

  30. Paul says:

    pardon my typos

  31. Bob Johnson says:

    To Paul, you don’t seem to care what I or others think for that matter. There is such a thing as pride of race. To pretend it doesn’t exist is stupid. I was quite surprised to find out that some of my favorite starlets have dated outside of their race and I have removed their pictures from my file of starlets. I have tried to send emails to them but you can’t communicate with them directly or I would make my feelings quite clear to them. For the black men who date white women keep in mind their are more college educated black women then their are men. You are the one’s committing race treason. Keep that in mind. I will never be comfortable with white women dating black men. I have told former acquaintances to stay away when they have crossed the color line. I don’t care how pretty they are. I will admit that when it comes to black and white dating I am quite racist and refuse to apoligize for that. This is something basic and primal. Bob Johnson

    • Clint says:

      I’m sure the celebrities are so heartbroken by being removed from your mastrubation list, the fact you tried to find their emails or contact info is funny just so you could send them racist comments, of course they would never get your comments since most have assistants that sorts through racist comments you would’ve sent.

      You ever wonder why black men date white women?

      It’s nice to know people still live in the past, 40-50 years in the past.

    • Ariel says:

      You do realize that you’re a lunatic, don’t you?

    • HottChoc says:

      @ “Bob Johnson” &”JJ” – your disdain of Black men is all and only about: penis envy…period!. Get over it!

  32. Clint says:

    There’s some clebrities that I wish that would go black or would look good with a black guy.

  33. gene says:

    wonder if patrica heaton has ever thought what it would be like to give a black man head to see that sexy white girl squtting in fromt of a well hung black man or men in a short dress nylons and heels giving some hung black dude a blowjob taking him down to his nut sack and leaving a lip stick ring around his big black balls then two other black guys hike up her short little dress spred her nylon stocking covered legs put her in a oreo cookie one in her sweet white ass and one in her juicy white pussy a thrid black stud hunging out right above her face she sucks up and down on his big blck meat pole p.s patrica heaton gets black balled all night long by three well hung black guys to watch this is the sexiest thing ever would you not agree

  34. gene says:

    come on all u sexy white women let us know what u think p.s don’t lie most of u white girls married or sinngle young or old have thought about getting black balled by a large group of black men or how many white women have thought of having a black guys baby don’t be afraid to speak your mind it’s 2112

    • Clint says:

      Not every woman is a slut and not by being with black but by being with a group of guys, i’m sure some have thought about being with a black guy or what it would be like or to see if the myth is true, but I doubt it’s most or more would have dated or slept with one.

  35. Clint says:

    You need to put up Britney Spears she hooked up with her black backup dancer for a couple months a while back.

  36. gene says:

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  43. davy jones says:

    Lot of d-list,wives and black chicks on the list, missing real heavy hitters like Laura Dern , Barbara Walters, Tyne Daly (so what if those last 2 are older), Carmen Electra, Elizabetta Canalis and Taye Diggs’ wife who’s actually famous in her own right.
    It’s true that only 5% of American white women have dated black, but that is not because of attraction, but just the chances of meeting and matching, as well as social fears(studies show black men having to earn 5 times as much as white men to be found just as attractive). Whites date blacks in Brazil at much higher rates

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    • cbolt12 says:

      Nope not black in mine.

      • RH says:

        Are you 100% sure? How do you know, really know what happened in your family’s past 200, 300, 500 years ago. You only know what you see and hear. What about what you don’t know? If you haven’t had all your children yet. You might have a child that comes out bi-racial looking and think your wife/girlfriend/woman have been messing with a black guy, but it turns out a dormant gene turning on from something that an ancestor did 450 years ago.

  46. Anthony says:

    Whats interesting about black people?

    They are the ugliest race
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    People look down on people who go out with blacks.

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    Anthony I have never had a man of another race say the things you and other racist say on this site to my face. It would be very painful for you and your internet tough guys. Typing hateful stupid crap behind the safety of your computer is one thing but being man enough to mouth off in a large blk male’s face is another.

  48. billrow says:

    Blacks are 6% of the US population but according the FBI and DOJ statistics they commit 68% of all violent felonies including rape. Blacks are 8x more likely to have a venereal disease according to the CDC. Blacks are also 8 times more likely to commit violence against their partner.

    So if you still want to lay with a beast, go find something less dangerous…like a german shephard.

    • J-Mic says:

      But yet, white are far more likely to be murdered, assaulted, and raped by other whites, so what is there to worry about?

    • Ariel says:

      Provide links backing up each and every claim that you have made. We’re waiting…

    • RH says:

      All of your resources are control by white people so how true are they. I just finished watching a few episodes of Deadly women and all of them were white women. So your data is meaningless. Poor stupid white person. Besides when you (white people) control 98% of the wealth and power of a national you can say anything to make a point that is against another race. Don’t forget about all the wars that were fought over the last 150 years starting with the Civil War and they were all WHITE MAN AGAINST WHITE MAN. Killing each other and MAKING us other races fight in their wars. So smart so advanced yet so so stupid.

  49. JMoneyTheBoss says:

    I’m half Haitian(Black) and Puerto Rican dude, and I’ve had my fair share of white girls. I love me some white girls!… But I just gotta say that I think that any white chick who messes with (ghetto) Black dudes are sluts. Straight up whores.

    It’s a funny way to look at it but > If they mess with black dudes, they are sluts > If they only date white guys, they are lame. They can’t win for losing.

    • A.H. says:

      I have more respect a woman that had a 100 man anal gangbang ,than i would a woman that kissed one nigger . When a black man starts dating out of his race it makes him a nigger.

      • RH says:

        Dude your comment don’t make sense. Are you on crack or is that just a black person thing?

    • Im sorry you feel that way about us white girls. I dont think Im a slut. I only date self respecting educated black guys who treat me right!

      • cbolt12 says:

        Can’t disagree with the post above if a girl gets with a ghetto guy she’s a slut. Because seriously what is the guy offering and it’s not money or car or really anything. But if you get with a regular black guy that has a nice job. Then at least you’re with something.

      • John One says:

        I’m a black guy and I think your site is pretty cool, Alana.
        I like white girls, but I like Black girls too–I Love them actually. I also dig Latinas, Asian girls, Indian girls, Middle Eastern girls, etc.
        I love all women and each race has their own beautiful set of features, and I think if you only date one race you’re entire life, you miss out in a way.
        However, I do think it’s a bit weird for a black guy to say he only dates white women. I don’t judge them because you like what you like, but it’s just a bit strange to me, that’s all.
        And for all you sisters out there who get mad at black men for dating white women, you have to understand–The penis isn’t aware of race loyalty.

      • i like your perspective

    • Oil Can James says:

      Haiti is one of the poorest third world county in the world..

  50. John One says:

    By the way, Alana. I think you’re a cutie.

  51. A.H. says:

    There’s nothing wrong with niggers everybody should own a few of them

  52. A.H. says:

    I have a friend that is a black man (not a nigger) and he will not even consider dating a woman of another race except his own is he considered a racist? he believes each race should stick with their own ……….

  53. nathalie theroux says:

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    • sis says:

      This is becoming very common, Nathalie. Good girl!

    • RH says:

      If the dick is the only thing you love about a black guy then you are indeed a slut. There is more to most black guys then just our dicks. Come on now, that statement in itself is racist.

      • Justin Igger says:

        Black men’s minds bodies and souls are nothing but life support systems for their dicks. In fact, with their stupid looking bald heads, many black men look like dicks with ears.

  54. Knoxcomic says:

    This is disgusting… Women who are proud to be dating savages… Might as well be banging a gorilla, it’s the same difference…

    • RH says:

      I might be a nigger in your eyes and I might be a savage in your eyes but you do not know the difference between difference and same. So that makes you dumber than a nigger. Poor stupid racist. Get educated before you try to make a point. Dumb white nigger.

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    • RH says:

      Because in this stupid white racist ass country even 148 years after slavery and 45 years after civil rights still define a person as black if they have one drop of African blood in them. Damn man you are stupid. Are you a poor white cracker?

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    man i will one day destroy the black race…believe it or not…and when i DO i will reveal myself to the world.

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    • The Black Lion says:

      Bigger men and armies than you have tried – and failed. But keep dreaming and hoping as you watch your worthless, pathetic life turn to shit. We are an immortal race.

  62. JoJo says:

    Also one of the most beautiful girls around in my opinion, Victoria’s Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes, 28. This Dutch supermodel has not only dated black guys since her midteens, but she’s also married to one and they have a child together now as well.

    Also, more recently, hot little Latina Selena Gomez, 20, has been swinging solo for awhile now since choosing to dump Justin Bieber, but, not so long ago she had hooked up with badboy rapper Gucci Mane on the set of her Spring Breakers film. Several industry insiders confirm the allegations and the intense chemistry that the two frequently displayed not so discreetly around each other. An assistant from the set stated Gucci Mane, 33, spent an inappropriate amount of time in Selena’s private trailer! Everyone had been warned to not come knocking without calling her first.

    The crew member quoted: “We thought it was [odd] that she was in there with [Gucci Mane]. One time [producers] sent security to make sure she was OK… It almost became a joke, [another employee] said [to Gucci Mane] ‘Watch out or I’m telling Justin.’ [Gucci] was like ‘F*ck that lil n*gga.”

    Lastly one of the youngest Kardashians, Kylie Jenner, has joined the interracial movement it seems. Will Smith’s actor son Jaden, 14, is dating little sister Kylie Jenner, 15. Sources close to the Kardashian family tell Us Weekly magazine the two teens have been friends for years, but, became romantic recently and are now dating. They’ve been spotted together all over and were photographed on a lunch date at Caffe Nero in London’s Piccadilly Circus ahead of Jayden’s support slot on tour with Justin Bieber.

    These are just three more examples of celebs in different age groups who have made the choice to express their desire for black guys instead. So the trend of interracial relationships continues to grow as it slowly becomes more mainstream in society today. :)

  63. sis says:

    Please include stunningly sexy Fran Drescher . Despite having been viciously raped by a Black man during a home invasion she has since dated Black men almost exclusively. Also Jessica Biel.. I have noticed that Black men always seem to have the extremely attractive white girls. The girls always look very well pleased.

  64. RH says:

    This comment is to all the people that have posted racist comments thinking that just because they are white that that somehow makes them better. If you are white you where NEVER or slaves we were yours. We never killed any of you or beat you badly because we were caught reading a book. To that statement I say this, if we are stupid apes, monkeys, savages and we can write and read just like you can, if we go to colleges that are being ran by white people if we can do the same things that you can do (if given the chance) then how do you think you are superior? Is your life span decades longer than the black man? If a car fall on one of your loved ones can you pick it up as easily as you would a book. No you can’t and neither can I. If you fall from 100 feet chances are you will die just like I would. If it is very cold outside (and I know some of you white racist can stand very cold temperatures but I will go out on a limb and make it very cold so you can’t say anything against what I typed) say -40 will you or will you not freeze to death just like I would. If I get shot I will probably die if hit in a vital organ but so will you. If I don’t take a bath for a day or two I will stank but so will you. And my hair when wet don’t smell like dog. Some of you white people say that black people stank. That bring me to this point. I remember about 35 years ago me and a friend of mine went to the top of the Washington Monument and we and another very hot black woman was the only black people on the elevator and when all the white people onboard started talking the smell was unbelievable. I could not wait til the elevator attendant started talking so those people could shut up. That super hot black woman in the back had to put her hands over her face to try to block the smell. But I guess a white person was the only one on an elevator with a group of black people our breathes would smell to you too. So it all depends on customs and cultures. But it is just plain stupid for some of you morons to say that just because you read the lies the liberal media puts out that all black people are on welfare. Personally I don’t know but one or two black people on welfare most of the ones I know work for a living and probably getting paid less for doing the same job a white person does. Is it just me or did anyone else noticed that after BUSH messed up the economy that white people were in the jobs that basically you see mostly black people in. Between 2007 and up until about 2011/2012 if you went to McDonalds or KFC you saw mostly white people behind the counter. Before then it was most black people and when that happened the jobless rate in the black population went up a lot higher than it did before. Not that it is low to begin with. What some of you racist assed white folk seem to miss is that ONE OF THE REASONS why black people are in the condition they are in is because America is still a white majority country and white people do I must admit take care of their own.

    How many times I wonder do a black person with a 4.0 GPA miss out on a job to a 2.0 white person simply for the fact that the person doing the hiring wanted to hire a dumber white person because the person doing the hiring was racist. And just so you know my daughter is super hot and super smart. She was on the honor roll at her high school for 4 years and she made ALL ‘As” and when she graduated from high school she got three scholarships and now even gives a scholarship herself. She also finished college in the top 10% of her class that mean that there were many many white people lower than her. This was a mostly white college. When I graduated from high school we had just integrated a few years before but when I finished HS I finished 95 out of a class of 250 and I did not even try. I also had to work since the age of 13 but I still manage without even trying to finish 95th out of a class of 250. That means that 155 people finished lower than me in my class and you can bet that all of them were not BLACKS. Because the school was mostly white. So there were some dumb ass white people that finished lower than me and they probably tried their best.

    Lastly to all you superior white people that think black people are stupid, one step removed from apes and monkeys. Back in 1982 I was going into the Army . My plans were to go in as an enlisted man and 20 to 30 years later come out an office at least one star general. But when I went to the recruiter office to enlist I
    told him I wanted to get into computers. He being racist told me that that was reserved for people that re-enlist for 4 more years so I said I was going to go anyway. But when I took the entrance examine he said, ” I think I can get you in now.” He thought I was some stupid dumb nigger and was not going to do as well on the test than I did. You see my poor racist friend. I have only a high school education but I did as well if not better on the test than a friend of mind that was stationed at the recruiting office who had two years of college. So you see my stupid racist friend. Not all black people are dumb and surely not all white people are smart. Fact is you just have better blessings and God is taking them away from you because with great gifts comes great responsibility and you white man are messing the world up. But that is a story in itself. Peace to you my racist friends.

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    Im Dating a Black Guy …..im sure you like 1.3 pounds of nigger dick laying across your philtrum…btw Im Dating a Black Guy you need no further excuse why you ,,!,, niggers. im sure your single parent knows why also. hahahahaha. DR. ZOTT ESQUIRE ELITE EXTRAORDINAIRE….. OH, REPEAT AFTER ME…. ,,!,,ING SCUM LIKE YOU BREEDS ,,!,,ING SCUM LIKE YOU…HAHAHAHAHA… BTW MY FRIENDS CALL ME DZEEE….HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • olduniform says:

      Guessing the cuck(old)out didn’t go as planned hug Z. What’s wrong, did the love of your life “Stan” not that there’s anything wrong with it, leave you for a LaRoyce or Ted? Funny how some of you anony-DBAGs find (obscure) websites such as this to rant and whinge. The thing about you shtick dreks is that your rants are always the same, and yet comical! Did/do you actually think folks are going to run across your feculent 0’s and 1’s and have “oh my!” moments? Come jamoke be original. If there is such a thing as cause and effect, going to guess yet again that you posted the poop because something happened in your real time which led to Bing.Googling. Either way thanks for the funnies and hope you and Stan “or Ted” are able to patch things up you silly feygelah…

  213. jjrome says:

    There was a video where an asian gal was playing a news caster. While reading the news guys were jacking off all over her face and hair.

    Would love to see that happen to Megyn Kelly.

  214. KDT says:

    How sick you got to be to be a Race Trader !!!!!! What low self-esteem the above woman must have. To be with a Black , How sad & Disgusting.. When the white woman ends up killed by the black animal there with . All I do is Laff & say You Got What You deserve.

  215. Travis says:

    I’m just here for the racist , ignorant comments from intellectually inferior douche bags! And why yes closed minded in breeds I am melanated!

  216. Lynn Thomas says:

    It is well-known that Patricia Heaton is a “size queen” as regards her lusting have huge breasted women and monstrous black dick but from what I hear she keeps her sex life private and only pursues the absolute largest to get off on. By pursuing the most developed black male and females, she thereby does not have to risk increasing getting an STD which chances are greater in getting if she has multiple sex partners. I applaud her for this sound reasoning!

  217. Crooked says:

    Who cares who dates who Im a latino and I have dated white,asian,black girls thru out my life but there is and always eill be racism regardless it’s just people being ignorant date and fuck who you want and color doesnt determine size Im latino with a 9 and a half inch dick and Im not black just blessed

  218. Marty says:

    Katy Perry has been with many Black men. I am not passing any judgments. I didnt know about Jennifer Aniston going Black. That is a little bit of a surprise but I guess nowadays it is very common.

  219. cbolt12 says:

    One does not qualify as many by Katy.

  220. vinn says:

    I think this site for a black man. because most of them haven’t black boyfriend.

  221. Eugene Bazley says:

    They are all beautiful

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  223. michael says:

    Disgusting to even think about. Bottom line: No self respecting white man would consider one of these pigs. you black men on this site are filled with hate and revenge. Get a life.

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