Linda Hogan’s New Man

Linda Hogan has a new boy toy, which is none other than Ricky Romance, who is brother to former teen idol Raz B. Linda really seems to like younger men and is on a cougar tear since divorcing her husband legendary wrestler Hulk.

5 Responses to Linda Hogan’s New Man

  1. 5 poppin says:

    How you feel about white women who wait till they older or can’t get a white guy they want to be with them and then date black men ?

    • I have no problem with it sometimes people dont have the courage when they are younger to follow their heart and date who the like.

      • $NOOP PAWGY PAWG says:

        I call bullshit .com Cus there this other site call white women black men .com & half of em over there, waited until they was “old” cross over. Or wasn’t the ideal shape for lice heads, So cross over to BM who got a thing for white chick’s. & that’s some corny shit & I never step out in daytime with WW cus of stuff like that & I got high standards anyway

      • Im speaking strictly from Linda Hogans standpoint. She has a lot of money having won her divorce settlement from Hulk, and still looks attractive considering her age. So Im sure she could date a white man if she wanted to. Its clear she decided to cross over out of her own personal interest and not because of limited options.

  2. $NOOP PAWGY PAWG says:

    I understand that ! But i’m talking bout everyday WW who does that & thinking everything sweet , when it’s corny thing too do. I was pro BW back in the day, but I never pass up on white chick when the opportunity came. Now granted I was mainly fucking with the WW who got black card or quote white chick who have soul, but I never put them off cus what my friends think or Cus I couldn’t get BW I want. Do you understand where i’m from with this?

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