Singer Miguel & Girlfriend Nazanin Mandi

Singer Miguel and his longtime girlfriend Nazanin Mandi  attended the birthday party for music executive Phillana Williams. Many question Miguel’s sexuality because of his choice in clothes, but it looks like he is doing just fine with the ladies, she is a beauty.

9 Responses to Singer Miguel & Girlfriend Nazanin Mandi

  1. Eunice says:

    This guy is gay.

  2. Danisha Stokes says:

    I knew my baby wasnt gay….. people always judge someone because they have there own swag nd style of dress….. cuz his pantes aint sagging nd shit yall wanna call them gay why idk…… KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BABY KINDA JEALOUS BUT HOW CAN I BE ;) YOU STILL MY BABY

  3. Surgical Tech Income…

    […]Singer Miguel & Girlfriend « Im Dating a Black Guy[…]…

  4. giselle says:

    omg….why r ppl so fassssssss…..who gives a flyin f*@k….his music is da bomb, his swagger is impeccable…cuz he’s not a fan of groupies, he’s gay…get a life ppl, enjoy d looks n music cuz that’s about most ppl will ever noe of him anyway….love u Miguel!!

  5. sex says:


    […]Singer Miguel & Girlfriend Nazanin Mandi « Im Dating a Black Guy[…]…

  6. :] says:

    He’s so goddamned sexy <3 im jealous :/

  7. precious says:

    i love you miguel you are going to be my baby daddy i am your number one fan.

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