What Does Becky Mean?

For awhile now “becky” was a funny way to refer to any white girl because the stereotype amongst the urban community was that most of us white girls are named Rebecca or “becky.” Now the term becky has become synonymous with oral sex because another common perception amongst the urban community is that us white girls give the best oral sex and are the quickest to do so. Now you might find this funny,offensive, or even flattering, but that is what it means so if you hear your black guy and his friends using that term, you now know what they are talking about lol!!

17 Responses to What Does Becky Mean?

  1. Eunice says:

    I hate this word and I think a lot of blacks say this as a deregatory term towards white women. Not all white women are good at giving good oral sex just like all asian women aren’t geishas.

    • Nail bitter says:

      Get over it black people are stereo typed everyday. Imagine how we feel we are just trying to live without being hated but some how that’s impossible. Big deal Becky was named after a white girl. Try being racially profiled for the color of your skin then we can talk.

      • jkh says:

        She just was, wasnt she? Why are blacks such hypocrites about things like this?

      • Maze says:

        You’re doing the same thing: racial profiling. You haven’t cornered the market on suffering, you know. God, I’m so sick of the whining.

      • mbolzicco says:

        Shut the fuck up. Why does everything have to offensive to somebody? Just deal with it, Becky.

    • Missy says:

      I’m a black female, and I have never heard the term until I heard it on the radio. I still haven’t heard anyone in the black community use the term. I had to google the term to see if it meant what I thought it meant, lol. Anyways, I read and found out the term referred to head. I had a White and a Hispanic friend (both male) confirm my findings. I can truly say I’m no hypocrite in any area, and I give pretty awesome head myself. :-)

    • mbolzicco says:

      Shut the fuck up. Why does everything have to offensive to somebody? Just deal with it, Becky.

    • deborah says:

      Amen to what you said

  2. joop says:

    nowadays we use the word beck in many ways. one way is to distinguish a white gurl who like to over do it with the hip hop culture versus a white girl who is suburban ( dana bash or jennifer anniston) . when the term is used in this way those are my favorite type of women…becky is the suburb gurl.

  3. feli says:

    hay i’m fali black and hot, sexy body muscles and sexy eyes contact me 27732622181

  4. ro says:

    i am a black male and i am not trying to stereotype the white girl in anyway form or fashion,but white girls do not have a hang up when it come to giving a black guy a blow job,,or sucking his balls,,they are great at their skills,they let us blk guys give them a creampie or a facial,,white girls that love blkguys are just great at everything they do with us blkguys,they are awesome.

  5. Michael says:

    Hahahaha these fucking “African Americans” are hilarious

  6. Tina says:

    All idiots

  7. nunyabiz says:

    As an “Afro American”, I say…First of all, get over it, Becky. Secondly we are stereotyping just as most of us are in some way, shape, or form. Some of us however, have to deal with it more often and in more ways than others. Third, the comments by Ro are truly idiotic even though there is some truth behind it….truly idiotic.

  8. andrew says:

    Theresa folan give the best becky in chicago,elgin,hanover park area.

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