Do Black Guys Only Date BIg White Girls? Part 1

Common perception I always hear surrounding interracial dating between black guys and white women is that black men only date overweight or less attractive white girls. I keep in shape and know that I am pretty attractive so of coarse I think this is not true but I know that many people do. When I ask white men about this they say that it is because attractive white girls want no part of black men and so black men can only get the low class ugly white girls that they dont want. I think this is presumptuous, false, and egotistical. Seal is married to Heidi Klum, one of the most recognizable supermodels in the world. Im sure most white men would find her attractive yet she married a black guy who some would say isnt the most handsomest guy in the world.(No offense Seal I love you) Iv researched this stereotype and actually there are plenty of white men who like large women, its know as the BBW community, short for big beautiful women. I just think that because black and white relationships draw so much attention people give more grief to black men with big white girls than white men with the same type of girl. I will discuss more on this subject in part 2 but what do u guys think.

33 Responses to Do Black Guys Only Date BIg White Girls? Part 1

  1. April Wellmaker says:

    I happen to be a small but sexy , beautiful white woman who is married to a sexy, attractive black man.There are so many stereotypes of interracial couples. I chose to date black men because all of the experiences that I had with white me growing up were terrible and I was always attracted to black men, .My husband and I have 3 beautiful boys together. I will say, though, that I hate to see a trashy white girl dating a black man , because it does look like the “typical” interracial relationship. And I do think that It makes it harder for classy, beautiful women like me…

    • D. Wil says:

      April, I can’t agree with you more. I have to say that I”m a black man very successful at 29. I’m married to a black woman but always have been attracted to white women. I never once tried to date a white woman I was attracted to due to the fact of being a black man and having this thing in the back of my mind saying, “she will never date a black man.” So, I always stayed within my race. On the other hand I have had BBW white in particular to like me. I never would date someone I’m not attracted to so I never overstepped my boundaries.

      • Brit says:

        I think you should date a white women because thats what your atrracted to. Why be with someone if you dont like them I feel sorry for your black wife lol

  2. AJ says:

    Most white guys don’t like fat women (unless they are fat or unattractive themselves). Black men are more accepting of fat women which is why a lot of fat white girls flock to black men. I guess they would rather be with a black man than be alone, so basically they take what they can get. This is why a lot of fat white women, or women who don’t neccessarily fit white mens high standards say they like black men; its not neccessarily because they like them, but black men are the only men who will take them.

    Funny story, I was watching this show on TLC the other day. It was about this fat white women who was wanting to break the record for being the fatest woman in the world or something…take a wild guess what color her husband was. Yup, he was black. I wasn’t surprised though, only a black man would date that shit. SAD.

    Also, take a look at Kim K, yeah she’s beautiful but a lot of white men wouldn’t want thier girl’s ass to be THAT big… so what does she do, she dates guys who will accept that big ass…black men. Look at Khloe, she’s big-boned and tall, most white men don’t want that…so what does she do, she dates black guys.

    Now look at Kourtney, she fits the white mans beauty standards and who is she with…a white guy. Ya see.

    • alana says:

      lol obviously you are a white guy, and as I said in the post there are plenty of you who like bigger women, you call them bbw’s. Yes it does seem that black men are more accepting of women who are bigger or just curvier in general like kim kardashian. Your “standard of beauty” is why there is such a high rate of eating disorders amongst white girls who want to be accepted by you. Its also why white women are more prone to go under the knife for cosmetic surgery, so I dont think your “standard of beauty” is something to be that proud of. At the end of the day like the old saying goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

      • AJ says:

        Conversely, the black mans lower standard of beauty is why a large amount of black women and growing number of white women are content with being fat and unhealthy. You say anorexia and plastic surgery, what about diabetes, heart disease and a host of other problems…chew on that (pardon the pun lol).

      • alana says:

        its not about the black mans lower standard of beauty. Again beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just because you dont find someone attractive doesn’t mean that the next man has “lower standards” because his idea of beauty differs from yours. Heart disease and diabetes afflicts people of all race and gender, largely because Americans in general live unhealthy lifestyles, and has nothing to do with standard of beauty. Where as plastic surgery and eating disorders largely are the cause of societal pressure to meet your “standard of beauty”

      • AJ says:

        I beg to differ, trends show that heart disease and specifically diabetes are an epidemic amongst black women. On average I see more fat black women than I do non-black women.There are many black women who choose to remain fat and not exersize, others don’t even see themselves as fat and keep telling themselves that they are “curvy” just the way black men like them, and fat white women who date black men have adopted this mentality. For them, this way of thinking is easier than going to the gym. To me there is a difference between curvy and just plain old fat. Many black men don’t encourgae thier women to lose weight for health reasons or otherwise. And yeah, you are right, beauty IS in the eye of the beholder and to me health IS beauty (thats not to say someone who is slim is always healthy but its reasonable to think that a slim person is healthier than an obese one).

      • alana says:

        Yes heart disease and diabetes are an epidemic amongst black women but many Americans in general are over weight due to our fast food culture. But you failed to admit that these diseases are caused by ones personal health choices, while eating disorders and excessive cosmetic surgery majority of the time are caused by the societal pressures to meet a “standard of beauty.” So basically your inferring that the pressure white men put on their women to look a certain way keeps the majority of white women from being over weight, and thus keeps them from diabetes and heart disease? lol This is outrageous and comical but if you think your “standard of beauty” is contributing to a better cause more power to you.

      • AJ says:

        Don’t twist my words. There are many factors that keep white women from being overweight but societal pressures, which you yourself mentioned is a big one. Obesity is one of the factors that lead to heart disease and diabetes. Your the one that said that societal pressures cause eating disorders and plastic surgery, so basically your implying the same thing that I’m implying aren’t you; that societal pressures keep less white women from being obese because many resort to anorexia and plastic surgey (and many just exersize and eat right).

      • alana says:

        I quote you “the black mans lower standard of beauty is why a large amount of black women and growing number of white women are content with being fat and unhealthy” no need for me to imply you said it yourself. I on the other hand said nothing about why white women are slim because reality is America is the 2nd fattest country in the world, and with the majority of our population being white, that means that us white women are not as skinny as you think.

      • AJ says:

        Well since you are quoting than you would have realized I used the words “large amount” and “growing number” I never once said ALL fat black and white women did I?

        If you didn’t try to rationalize why many white women are slim
        than you wouldn’t have used anorexia and plastic surgery in a conversation about weight.

    • sebhai says:

      Koutney Kardashian?Hmm,I always thought she is the most plain looking of the bunch.Besides it’s not uncommon to see slim build white guy with fat,overweight girlfirend/wives.I mean look at Hugh Jackman and his wife,altough there are rumors that he is gay but that’s another story.Besides I’m still confused on what exactly fit the white man’s beauty standard because I remember met this white guy,a good looking one with his frail looking asian wife who looks like one of the improvish asians in third world who can’t get enough nutrient.So I guess it’s safe for me to conclude that white guys are more likely into prepubescent looking girls?Oh,wait a minute…
      Talking about Kim Kardashian,I know how ‘some’ white guys ‘celebrating’ when she started dating that Kris Humpries guy,I know there is some black blood within him but he’s mostly white so..Interestingly enough,their relationships ends and she seems set her eyes on black men again,all of sudden she becomes the ‘big fat bitch kardashian’ again.

      In fact,during my high school years,I often overheards white guys dissing white girls who dated black guys or latinos,callin them hideous bitch and such,but what many of them didn’t mention is that these ‘hideous bitch’ are the same girls they used to called gorgeous or tried to date them themselves.Once they start to sell-out,well the beauty meter takes a 180 degree.

    • buckwheat gots 2 say sumpin says:

      True ‘gers have to throw everything they have at the wall and see what sticks in the dating world.Watchiing obese white skanks waddling out of the mall with their skinny as a rake black bfs is better then situation comedy! Also,another funny thing is 9 times out of 10 the white cow is the one driving.Oh well Obuma gots em sum mo guvment chex cummin so dey kin gets dem sum dem big screen tvs from rent-a-center…anywayhow do you know a black dudes been in your house? You see your tv set levitating across the room!

    • AMOTLE says:


  3. Tonioj says:

    I have to agree with alot of what’s being said, a lot of the reason most Black men don’t approach the pretty non white women is intimidation, when you talk of Heidi Klum and the khardashians I ask myself this, if they didn’t have the money or the name? What race would they date? I agree black men in some cases have lower standards than others, an example for me is comedian Lisa Lampanelli, when she was fat? She admitted to dating black men because she was too fat for a white man, granted there are lots if Italian women that are beautiful that date black men, but in her case, she used her weight and dating black men to make money, and lots of it, once she lost the weight? What did she do? Married a white Italian man. I feel we as black men have let our standards fall too low just for the sake of ” gettin some ” not saying that we have to walk past a slightly lager woman to get to the skinny woman, but we need to pursue what we are really attracted to and maybe we can destroy the sterotype and perhaps the larger women that are large for no good reason, will get with the program.

  4. Marls says:

    I (a 25 y.o. black male) must begrudgingly concede that AJ is not totally blowing smoke. With all stereotypes, this one does have some validity in some to most cases. When black men that aren’t privileged, whether by lack of higher education, bad neighborhood, racism, or any other limiting factor that is largely out of his control, wants to date a white woman, his options to do so are severely reduced as far as quality and quantity from which he can choose. With social status and wealth comes better quality peers that indirectly “pressure” one to adhere to certain levels of upkeep, including health. I love to see black women jogging or hitting the gym: not enough are encouraged to do so; I have actually seen a black guy (my age) congratulate a black woman on “getting thick” – the girl smiled and said, “I’m trying.” In contrast, it is highly offensive to call most white women “thick.” Now this is not necessarily bad, as most black women that are “thick” have the smallest waists of any women. But as far as health goes, I must agree that as a race, we are not encouraged strongly enough to maintain good health. This may be due to other problems that are more paramount such as poverty, lack of safety in our neighborhoods, and a lack of “extra” money for gym memberships and to buy wholesome food. Think “Maslow’s Hierachy of Need”.

    I wager that equally less privileged whites reflect these common ills and thus elicit the same behavior when it comes to dating. How you look, what you know, and your friends determine your dating options and style. If an overweight but very smart and wealthy white woman approached a black NFL athlete, there’s an overwhelming chance that she’ll have no luck at all! However, if she approached a black high school dropout from the hood that wants to “experiment”, she’ll have a much better chance of attracting him. Our perceived options determine our targets: the more options we perceive ourselves to have, the more discriminating we are in dating.

  5. Mel says:

    I think it is interesting how some individuals seem to automatically equate the prevailing ideals of caucasian culture as the highest they can aspire to, including black people who adopt caucasian ideals as a sign of material success. That is really telling in relation to whether or not I personally consider their opinion as valid. Thankfully, most of the people I know are focused on overall health including self-love and acceptance and self-esteem, not a specific size or measurement or whether they will be objectified for exemplifying narrowly defined ideals. Size has nothing to do with whether or not someone will be a good person, a good parent, be responsible and productive or even intelligent. Small size has been linked to infertility and pregnancy loss so if men are interested in having children with the women they are pursuing you might want to skip the waifs. Eating disorders also eat away parts of a woman’s brain from long-term nutrient starvation and cause metabolic fluctuations that can cause death from one binge and purge so if that is all you care about I hope you don’t end up with a zombie or find someone with a “perfect body” who kills herself to live up to your ideal.

    • Ak Smith says:

      I don’t think Ghetto, hip hop or any similar cultures is somethign to be proud. On the contrary should aspire to betetr models. Tupac talked about life in Ghetto. What he tell other black people you should aspire to leave ghettos.

  6. Extraordinary says:

    I am a black women and I know that black guys like white women with meat on there bones. I dont think they are asking you to be obesity but maybe someone with full breast and big butt. I also think personality is a plus as well, not someone that full of themselves, but kind, sweet, and respects herself.

  7. Cobra says:

    IMHO, women want what they’re attracted to, and men will flow to those who accept their advances. As a brother who grew up in the Northeast suburbs, I realized pretty quick that the few Black girls around weren’t feeling me, and the majority of White girls couldn’t bring me home even if they did like me. That sets the BM/BBW thing in motion. Two of my best friends are 5’3″. They both are married to women who are under 5′ tall, despite who they may have been “attracted” to to start with. That’s just reality.

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  10. knight4444 says:

    After reading AJ’S opinions I’m grabbing a tylenol! I don’t know what this individual does for a living but it certainly doesn’t involve any intelligence.

  11. vincent says:

    my name is Vincent, im black i love bbw white women i hope to find one do i have any takers out there

  12. ILoveMe says:

    I am a white woman and have been with my husband who is black for 7 years. We were friends and had no intentions of being more than that. I didn’t go looking for a black man and he didnt go looking for a white woman. Now I’m not a size 2 but I am thick/curvy. I have dated white and black men in the past. I like who I like no matter what their color is. My husband however, has never dated outside of his race until me. So When I see the comments saying black men only like obese white women, its a slap in the face. Who the F cares who dates who? If it’s not you why are you soooo worried about it? I say date who you want and makes you happy. If it happens to be someone of a different race, so be it. I know many black men who date fairly thin white girls and then I know white men who date larger women. So It’s not about your waist line its about who you are as a person. But thats just my opinion.

    • Ak Smith says:

      We have no problem white girls dating Black men, but ghettos and niggas. You have been brought up to have self respect, to have some values. So what self respecting woman regardless of colour will degrade her self. You seem happy thats fine, hope you guys my best wishes.

  13. XM says:

    Hey, 38 year old black male here. This is what I have noticed..and most you have noticed this too. Usually the white BBW(who only dates black men)/Black Male couple involve a white BBW who usually doesn’t have the prettiest face and usually has some form of self-esteem or self image problem. They are usually with “N*ggers” NOT Black Men, but thug/gangsta wannabes. Now this is NOT all white BBW/BM couples but only about 75%. The other 25% simply date whoever they are attracted to…its that simple. My current gf is white and some would consider her overweight…but we’re not dating because I’m black and she’s white, we’re dating cause we’re in love. Skin color has nothing to do with it. Never did and when I told her my theory, she said I was being “judgmental” until she was around her cousin who fits the criteria I just described perfectly. She subsequently said she owed me an apology. So, we watch interracial couples and notice SO many things that most people miss.

  14. jimmie says:

    I personally love meat on my bones white women turns me on i just cant get enough of my babydoll katty jimmie

  15. gabriel arthur says:

    yeah black guys like fat white women

  16. 97311510872ha says:

    looking for a white women with the biggest butt. I live in Botswana.

  17. Ben says:

    I still believe whites dating blacks is a bad idea.Its a trend that has been promoted largely by zionist jews who hate whites and christians and seek to morally corrupt us by any means possible.Thats why 90% of pornographers are jewish.Its yet another means of defiling christian white culture.I confess that even if this werent the case,i would still oppose the idea on moral and racial survival grounds.But because it IS true,it becomes a moral imperative to put a stop to it.Not to say that interracial dating always leads to interracial breeding,but very often it does.And with white societies being deliberately wrecked by zionist jews promoting mass non-white immigration,”diversity”,multiculturalism,and race mixing,it is simply crazy for whites to date blacks.Whites should have the courage to do whats right to ensure the continuation of their own race and rebel against everything the enemy is forcing upon us without fear of being labeled “racist” or whatever.

  18. Justin Igger says:

    A black man can easily date an attractive white woman, so long as he earns at least 10 times the money as the average white male. Lot’s of black pro athlete superstars have some fairly decent looking white trophy wives, but as a white man, I can get white women who look just as good as the baller wives, and I only earn about $60k/yr.

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