Taboo-Dating A Black Guy when your in Hollywood

taboo hollywood interracial couplesInterracial dating is still taboo in hollywood if you are a young white starlet. Understood rule 101 for white Hollywood starlets is NEVER OPENLY DATE A BLACK GUY, because its career suicide. Think about it, when have you ever seen an A-list white girl openly date a black man?Never because it doesn’t happen. Do you really think throughout the history of Hollywood that not one of them has been attracted to a black guy? The real reason is that their handlers/managers/PR people told them this understood rule of the business. Imagine the uproar if America’s sweethearts like Miley Cyrus or Scarlett Johansson were openly dating a black guy, showing up hand in hand with them at red carpet events.

So the questions is why? Well if you are a young white starlet then your fan base is likely millions of white teenage girls. These girls idolize these stars, and for better or worse, try to emulate everything they do. So if they were to be dating a black guy, these girls would think its ok too. Unfortunately for many of these girls parents,even the most liberal of them, the last thing they want is their daughters bringing home black guys. That means they will not approve of their daughters idolizing any starlet that does. So no money to buy the idols music,movies,or go to their concerts. Therefor, it really is bad business for the starlet to date a black guy.

Take for example Amanda Bynes, a very young & talented actress/comedian. She was on the verge of Miley Cyrus like super-stardom. Unfortunately for her she quit acting, stating burn out and fed up with Hollywood. It didnt help that she started dating rapper Kid Kudi and even openly confess her love for “chocolate” men via tweeter. Now she doesn’t do any film work these days and even just announced her retirement from Hollywood. Now some will say its because her previous last films didnt do well, but I tend to believe her dating life’s choices didnt do her any favors. However, I will end on this note. There is one A lister that is the exception to this rule and that is none other than Kim Kardashian, but I will address why on an up and coming post.

17 Responses to Taboo-Dating A Black Guy when your in Hollywood

  1. Tory says:

    I think the whole teen heart thing is right.. you won’t see too much of the black guy thing with’s a pity too also because in real life behind the scenes or whatever alot of these checks dig black guy’s.. theres nothingWRONG with there white guys except.. they can have them anytime…when i lived in new york I met many girls from europe that were very good looking…from finland and other scandanavian country’s…they would look you right in the face and pretty much be saying ” I want you now”.. and I want to sit on it” ! ! no kidding that ‘s what this girl said to me in an accent of chopped up english after we were groovin and grindin…I vant to sit on it….and that was even in the 90’sshe was tall VERY pale pretty and slender with red lip stick and blonde hair..she looked just like a barbie doll except she was walking around with me…I was in shock on how relaxed and comfortable whe was around me..we were waiting for the train and she feel asleep on me ( the real sleep where she got heavy on me)…and it seemed like everybody in the place was looking at us.. it was great…I think it had something to do with her being from europe… the same type of looking girl in the states I think would of never be seen and cool like she was with me.. the states really do have a bible belt race card thing going on….girls from europe are different sometimes…not all of them but ….yeah.

  2. joop says:

    u hit it on the head except one thing . I like Kim K. but she is not an A lister. hiedi klum is a better example but she is an established star/celeb

  3. dont worry fuckhead says:

    kim kardashian a lister? this is why everyone hates america

  4. livemylife says:

    this article is retard. it assume all white girls like black dude.
    i would never date black ethnics. that my referece choice; accept it.

  5. yumiazndick says:

    i bet this guy who wrote this article was black maybe those famous woman aren’t intrested wit the niggers.

    • hahaha this imbecile thinks he can make a point by word dropping diminutives like “nigger” What a cretin, you only embarrass yourself by displaying to us you sterile you mind is.
      I you can find an intelligent, witty or creative what to insult someone then shut the fuck up!

  6. Clint says:

    Your whole article is stupid, just because one white chick dates a black guy doesn’t mean they all want to, the interracial relationship is on a all time high but the white women that are with black men is a very small percentage so Hollywood would represent that number or smaller(of course it wasn’t that high 10 yrs ago) but i know it might be hard but not ever woman wants to be with a black man and it’s not because they want to stay with their own or are racist it’s just that’s there type, as for why a-listers I don’t know why maybe they’re attacted to just white guys and not told not to date black men if you want to be a star, so maybe Scarlett and Miley just like white men, I can’t believe you try to compare Amanda Bynes to Miley Cyrus for one her career has never even been close to miley’s her career was on the downward spiral when she started dating a black guy and her movies aren’t very good, now Heidi klum hasn’t had any trouble since being with seal and black breeding did she nor the actress that is on grey’s anatomy that’s married to a black man.

    As for Kim k. she’s a whore and works for herself not for Hollywood she got famous for being one pure and simple.

    It’s 2012 no one cares or isn’t going to hire someone because of it.

    • lol you dont live in reality so you cant understand the truth of this article. Heidi Klum is a model the only other gig she has is host of a reality show called Project Runway. So she doesnt have anything that could be effected by her personal relationships like a acting or music career. No one even knows that Ellen Pompeu is dating a black man. You dont know how many emails Iv gotten disputing her inclusion on my IR celeb dating list. Beside the fact that Greys Anatomy is her 1st major gig so I would hardly say she is A list yet. You can dispute all you want thinking that this doesnt play a role in Hollywood, but reality is different. We dont live a in a color blind Utopia, who you are with in the entertainment industry plays a role, and white women dating black hurts their career potential plain and simple.

  7. maury dewillis says:

    I don’t see why Blacks(in Hollywood or anywhere else) would want to contaminate themselves with the recessive genes of whites anyway. Pale skin, blue eyes – their extinction is all but guaranteed within a few more generations! Allow them to breed within their own sub group which will expedite their demise. Sweet dreams magnolias!!

  8. Leon says:

    Gentlemen/Ladies, is there a stereotype that exist, I’m sure it does, does it stand that any one who prefers interracial dating may get blackballed in Hollywood, could be true. Ignorance will continue to exist, all it takes it one person to jump out there to start a spark that will hopefully ignite change. Love does not have a color, and if some prefers not to date outside their race, doesn’t make the individual a racist. That’s like preferring Honda or Toyota, Still, I get what the article is portraying and it’s sad in the United States we still continue to look at the color of an individual’s skin.

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